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What is pellet?

Pellet is a renewable biofuel that is characterized by high-quality, economical and harmless environment and human health. The recognizable cylindrical shape of pellets is obtained due to the temperature and pressure exerted by natural binders, which means that the pellet does not contain any additional chemicals, resins and additives. This is also the case with our GoodWood pellet derived from beech, which has proven to be the best raw material for pellet production.

Info: The average household consumes 5 tons of pellets in one heating season.

GoodWood PELET by Numanovic

Our GoodWood pellet is obtained in the grinding process of beech, and then its drying and pressing. GoodWood beech pellets are obtained under high pressure which increases the temperature of the wood itself. This process enables the creation of a natural adhesive, so that in the production of our GoodWood pellets, no resin and other chemical binders are added. For these reasons, our wood pellet belongs to the cleanest heating fuel, without harming human health and the environment.

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